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This page contains a variety of links to mainly time travel and alternate history related pages. For links to specific books, movies etc. check out the various reviews at Andy's Anachronisms. I generally include links to relevant sites in all my reviews.

A L T E R N A T E   H I S T O R Y
Uchronia -- The Alternate History List
The most thorough site concerning Alternate History I have seen. Unchronia includes a detailed bibliography of novels and short stories searchable by dates of diveregence or by country. Includes a large number of foreign authours and non-English publications.

Stephen's Alternate History Site
A good site for information related to Alternate History and links to other AH sites, articles and essays. Definitely worth a look.

T I M E   T R A V E L
Time2timetravel is a time travel blog dedicated to everything related to time and time travel and a website with the basics of time travel for beginners. Here you will find faqs, thought experiments, infographics links to other articles and reviews of time travel movies and books.
S C I E N C E   F I C T I O N
Their motto is "Strung out on Science Fiction" and it shows. A irreverant and largely satrical site that brings reviews, breaking news, and quirky SF related items to the masses. Great coverage and spoilers and recaps galore if you are behind on a series or wonder what all the fuss is about.

SF Site -- The Homepage for Science Fiction and Fantasy
A very thorough site with monthly reviews of books and interviews with authors. Contains links to author and fan tribute sites as well listing of up and coming conventions.

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