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Sass Jordan

In case I accidentaly offend any fans let me say that this is only an interpretation of the song and not necessarily what the artist or anyone else, besides myself thinks the song means.

Canadian rocker Sass Jordan turns in this moving ballad about the illusion of time. Not really a song about time travel, but worth mentioning here all the same. In my opinion it is the best explanation of the role time plays in our relationships with others.

The lyrics of this song is almost too beautiful to ruin with my usual inane comments, so I'll save them until the end.

Time is passing like a river
and all you wanna do is hold it
but somehow what you grasp
evades your touch.

I'll be waiting to remind you
that all you are is clear perfection
The light that surrounds you like
a second skin.

I love you as my closest friend
I hold you as my dearest one
These human walls cannot
contain your soul

So time is just a grand illusion
and all you are is in this moment
Eternity is always here with us

The present is a gift for me and you...

The song reminds us how precious time is in our relationships with the ones we love. We have to appreciate the each moment we spend with those we love because we don't know how much time we have on this earth.

I feel that the song also speaks to the idea that our love for someone, and the impact they have on our lives, is much larger than time itself.

The last verse that talks about time being a grand illusion is very apt. I feel we perceive time due to our ability to remember the past and to conceive the future. In reality we only ever exist in the present and should make the most of it.

A beautiful song that moves me every time I hear it. Thank you Sass Jordan.

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