Time Travel & Alternate History

Time Travel and Alternate Universe references pop up in the strangest places including live theatre.

I've personally seen a few time travel related plays over the years including Small Hours and John Mighton's Possible Worlds. There are many more out there and if you know of any please drop me a line at info@timetravelreivews.com.

Time Traveler Zero Zero: A Story of John Titor

Written and directed by Kirby Malone, Time Traveler Zero Zero: A Story of John Titor explores the writings of a displaced time traveler from the year 2036 as they appeared on the internet in late 2000 and early 2001. Posting under the user name TimeTraveler_zero, the person painted a chilling portrait of a possible future where civil war in the USA and nuclear annihilation had devestated the world. Cyburbia Productions mounted this production in April 2004 in Fairfax, VA. This review is courtesy of fellow SF and Time Travel aficionado Carlos Aranaga.

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