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Do Over

M A I N   C A S T
Penn Badgley
Angela Goethals
Natasha Melnick
Michael Milhoan
Gigi Rice
Josh Wise
Joel Larsen
Cheryl Larsen
Bill Larsen
Karen Larsen

Do Over features a unhappy 34 year old Joel Larsen is given the opportunity to change to outcome of his life when he is transported back to 1981 and finds himself trapped in his 14 year old body. Newcomer Penn Badgley stars as the 14 year old Joel Larsen.

G e t t i n g   A r o u n d   I n   T i m e

34 year-old Joel is transported back to 1981 when his sister Cheryl accidently applies a the paddles of a defibrillator to his head. Joel wakes to find himself trapped in his 14 year old self.


Do Over debuted in the Fall of 2002 on the WB network playing Thursdays at 8:30. It lasted a mere 11 episodes and was pulled from the WBs line-up in late 2002. Officially cancelled in December 2002, the series has 4 episodes unaired.

I am not sure whether this series is a product of the writers/producers of my generation having an early fit of nostalgia, but one thing is for certain that I am definitely one of it's key targets. A 34 year old myself at the time of the series debut, I guess I am expected to relate to Joel's Do Over.

It seems that based on the series quick cancellation, that not enough nostalgic children of the 1980s tuned into to watch. While I wouldn't want to relieve my teen years, the series did allow the audience to recall some of their mispent youth. I managed to tape most of the episodes and while I have watched a handful, I haven't had much opportunity to review them.

ABC launched a similarly themed series in 2002 called That Was Then that suffered a worse fate than Do Over being cancelled after only 2 episodes. Maybe someone should just dust off old episodes of Square Pegs for a real look at 1980s teens, I am sure Sarah Jessica Parker and Jamie Gertz would cringe at having to revisit their teen years as well.

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