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This animated series was produced by the same people, Klasky and Csupo, that were responsible for the first couple of seasons of the Simpsons. It features Jason Alexander as the voice of Duckman who is the world's worst private eye and father, and makes no apologies on either accounts.

If you enjoy Jason Alexander's rants as George Costanza from Seinfeld then Duckman is a must see. If however, you think Homer Simpson is a bad father and role model, than you should probably pass on catching any episodes of Duckman.

To the best of my knowledge Duckman has only had the one brush with time travel. Too bad, since I think Duckman would have made a great foul-mouthed time traveller who would likely have no qualms about screwing with the past just to derive some small pleasure for himself.

(1 Time Travel related episode)

Once and Future Duck Ajax (Duckman's son) opens a rift in the space-time continuum with his clock radio. Duckman discovers from a future version of himself that his future hangs on Charles and Mambo's (Duckman's other sons) tuba recital. Unfortunately Duckman tries to use these visits from his future selves to make his decisions and suddenly discovers every little decision he makes has a big impact on his future.

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